A Success Blueprint can make the difference between spinning your wheels and knowing where to begin. In over seven years in business, Satellite Six has learned a lot about what it takes to make a brand stand out from the competition and drive the long-term health and growth of the brand.

What is a Success Blueprint?

A Success Blueprint is a deep-dive session into your audience, your goals, and the long-term strategy. We’ll dig in to what drives and motivates them, and how you can think strategically about targeting them.

Depending on your long-term goals, we offer Success Blueprints for your Brand & Digital Marketing, or your Website Strategy. Talk with us today to learn more about the Success Blueprint process and which might be a fit for your goals.

What is the cost to create my Success Blueprint?

A Success Blueprint can vary slightly depending on the specific project. The best way to get detailed information tailored to your business is to connect with us, and after getting a few details we will send you the full information on working through a Success Blueprint for your business.

Get Pointed in the Right Direction

Even if you decide not to move beyond the initial work, the Success Blueprint Report is yours to keep and use in your next steps developing your brand and marketing. Our goal is to get you the foundational ideas, tools, concepts, and information you need to be successful as your business moves forward.


Is YOUR BUSINESS ready to be a success story?

“Satellite Six has been such a pleasure to work with. We were incredibly excited to see the our vision start to take shape. Our previous developer didn’t think through the interactions that would drive customers to take action, wasting a lot of time and resources. I had no idea what to expect with the Success Blueprint but the end result blew us away. The attention to absolutely every detail was unmatched. Anyone looking to develop a website and marketing plan would be making a big mistake if they don’t have Satellite Six take a crack at it. We can’t wait to see the next phase.”
– Tomm Krenz, Owner | Reboot Workboot Club

“We knew we needed a renewed focus on marketing to stand out in front of our global competition. Satellite Six’s Success Blueprint provided a plan and a way forward to build a globally competitive brand.
– Jennifer McBride, Owner | VES

“As our company grew we found greater hurdles in trying to get our ideal kinds of customers. There were a lot of other companies starting to see us as a competitor and we needed to be ready to take them head on. Satellite Six’s Success Blueprint showed us a great, step by step way for us to build a brand to take on and dominate the competition.”
– Becki Rockow, Owner/Marketing | Rock & Tait Exteriors

“Initially we went to Satellite Six to develop our online presence but left with vastly more. The entire team worked diligently to develop our Success Blueprint and focus our brand. With their expertise we now have a clearly structured, logical and effective brand and customer messaging that allows us to stand out compared to our competitors. I highly recommend them. ”
– Krista Dircks, Owner | Dircks Concrete

“Satellite Six created a clear blueprint and process for how to build out our new website. They took the time to understand our customer and their goals and we can now see a clear path from a cold visit to creating new business from our site.”
– Ben Trachsel, Sales & Marketing | B&B Electric

Are you ready to leverage your brand and grow? Discover your personalized roadmap to enjoy
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